Top 5 Hardest Map Series in Sven Co-op

Map series are usually fairly difficult challenges overall in Sven Co-op. However, there are a few good (or tolerable) ones that are particularly difficult. Here are the most challenging series in Sven Co-op history as far as I’m concerned. Most servers don’t dare play them because most of the players will leave after the first map, since they’re even harder for casual Sven Co-op players and newbies. I can actually vouch this for the top three. I’ve seen quite a few servers go from a dozen or so players to two or three because most players leave in the first map. Difficulty in this case is measured by the overall combat intensity and the difficulty of travel throughout the series.

5. Case Closed by EraSerX

The original conversion for Sven Co-op of this map series is a good challenge to bea...

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Top 5 Unreasonably Hard Maps in Sven Co-op

I’ve been playing through some older custom maps to prune out the good ones. I came across a cluster of weird, hard, or just plain bad maps. Here are the hard ones. Basically by “unreasonably hard,” I mean that a group of 2-4 players can die around 10 times before you can even think of getting to the next part of the map. Right, because not everyone has a server with 10+ players on it 24/7. Oh, and I wouldn’t say this is a good list to be on; you have to be a pretty bad mapper to go overkill…

5. Crood Co-op (croodcoop) by Headz

Immediately you’re greeted in spawn with a mouthful of bullets by a turret. You go from block to block in the map sweeping up monster “cells” where a bunch of random medium-difficulty monsters are clustered together randomly...

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How to Install Custom Maps, Models and Everything Else

All content for Sven Co-op is located in the Sven Co-op\svencoop directory in the common Steam directory. When you open a ZIP file or package with maps, models, sounds, et cetera, you will put them here (although you can put them in svencoop_downloads but I’ll assume you’re running a server). Here are the file types and where to put them:

.wad – Texture package: place it in the svencoop directory.

.bsp – Map file: place it in svencoop/maps

.tga – Skybox package (should be multiple): place it in svencoop/gfx

.mdl – Model: place it in svencoop/models

.wav – Sound: place it in svencoop/sound

.spr – Sprite: place it in svencoop/sprites

.as – Script: place it in svencoop/scripts, although if it’s a map-based it should be in maps in addition to whatever instructions the mapper should give you.


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How to Install Opposing Force and Blue Shift on Sven Co-op

Once you have Sven Co-op set up and ready to play you’ll want to set up the Half-Life games you like along with it. First you’ll want to make sure you have those games installed. So install Opposing Force and Blue Shift, run them once and make sure the files are in the SteamApps\common directory because copies will have to be done.

First go to your SteamApps\common\Sven Co-op\svencoop directory. There are two .bat files (assuming you have Windows) to be run. For Opposing Force, click the Install_OpFor_Support.bat file to run it. For Blue Shift it’s Install_bshift_Support.bat. After this you should be able create a Sven Co-op server with the maps of0a0 (Opposing Force) or ba_tram1 (Blue Shift).

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How to Install SCXPM (Sven Co-op Experience Mod)

This guide requires AMX X Studio, learn how to install it by clicking here. Also you’ll need to know how to install AMX Mod X plugins.

The latest original version of SCXPM (17.0) is outdated from way  back when. To download the correct versions, you have a few choices. Most versions today are modified version of 17.3x. Here are your main choices:

  • scxpm_wrd – SCXPM with some touch ups, mostly used in late version of Sven Co-op 4.x but there are still some Sven Co-op 5 servers with this
  • scxpm_modriot – Generously modified verison of SCXPM and stable with Sven Co-op 5

There are a few other versions on various sites that are 17.31 or higher. Either way you should expect to find an uncompiled .sma Pawn script. I’ll show you how to install the latter because it’s somewhat more involved...

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How to set up AMX Mod X Studio

Notice this is not AMX Mod X, so if you’re looking to install AMXX, you’re in the wrong place.

If you want to make your own custom plugins or customize others from source code, you’ll do better than running the online compiler by using AMXX Studio

  1. Go to
  2. Download the latest AMXX Full Installer
  3. Install the program
  4. Run AMX X Studio. You should have the code editor in front of you.
  5. Go to Tools > Settings on the top tab
  6. You should see a window like this:

You won’t have the “Compiler” textbox filled because you need to link it yourself. From the AMX X Full Installer you should have installed amxxpc.exe. Make sure all your folders (data, scripting) in the /…/amxx (AMX X root directory) are in the same location...

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