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Glow Plugin for Sven Co-op

An Angelscript plugin for Sven Co-op with a simple set of colors. This is a classic plugin. Typically players who are bored use it to pretend that they aren’t bored. All it does is make you glow a certain color, but it’s fairly popular. It’s similar to the trail plugins. Download it here.

To glow say “glow <color>” in chat; <color> should be replaced with a standard color (red, green, blue, yellow, etc.)

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Counter Strike Weapon Mod for Sven Co-op

If you feel that the standard weapons are getting kind of old, or you just want to ramp up your arsenal, you should check out the Counter-Strike Weapons plugin for Sven Co-op. It contains all the classic CS 1.6 firearms. The only caveat is that they have to be configured for map-specific instances, as far as I know, because weapon plugins in Angelscript only apply to the maps that the plugins are used in. Download it here.

Here is some footage posted by the plugin authored by KernCore:

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Say Chat Sounds: the Sven Co-op Radio Mod

Players of the old school remember using RadioMod on TFC or CS 1.6 in an “AdminOP-esque” server set up. It’s a lot more convenient in Sven Co-op, actually. All you have to do is install the Angelscript plugin. Download it here.

For those of you who are not familiar, what happens is that when you say a “linked” word in text, anything like “lol” or “hello”, a sound file associated with that word will play. It’s a pretty silly plug-in but people on fun and minigame servers seem to like it.

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Trail Plugin That At Least Sort of Works

It’s probably a good idea to switch over any AMX X plugins that (used to) work over to their Angelscript equivalents if they exist. Like any of the trail plugins that used to work before Sven Co-op 4. So a basic trail plugin has been posted but I’ve been testing it and it sure works on a listen server when you’re the host. I’ve had issues when I actually test it on a dedicated server with other plugins that really shouldn’t conflict with it (like AMX X plugins that don’t change entities at all). But as far as I know this is the best we’ve got. At least the plugin comes with customization for new, user-defined colors.

Blue trail

Click here to check it out.

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