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Map Highlight: Oberon by BurnOut64

There are certain hidden gems among the classic Sven Co-op map arsenal that pop out every so often. Oberon stands out among old school Sven Co-op maps through its detailed design and setting. It really packs the punch visually, comparatively speaking. It also has the classic combat feel when you play through it; lots of monsters in one spot that you and your friends have to sludge through. That can actually get annoying and it should have gotten old by now, though since it was released in 2004 I give it a pass on that. It is a hardcore gameplay map; a level for which you need friends to complete.

Near the starting point

It also has a hardcore approach to working out the puzzles and gaps between combat...

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Map Highlight: Dark Nebula by Onox792

Every so often there are maps created by up and coming authors that are exemplary cases for the notion of “first maps” or those first few maps a level designer makes to stumble about the engine, figuring out what’s right and wrong. Dark Nebula (sc_darknebula) happens to be one of these.

As has been underscored the map certainly does not warrant a critical review, as it’s more of an introductory attempt on the part of the author, but it’s certainly something beginning level designers should follow in terms of the combinations of gameplay and visual design. The mapper makes a clear attempt to brush the interiors with enough detail that you’re not passing through rooms that summarily look like boring cubes...

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Map Review: Shockraid Jungle by GreenTea

Typically Sven Co-op players aren’t used to any attempt to bring some immersion into a level and the routine is to go through the level like a mouse looking for the cheese in a maze; there’s a hallway so I’m going to go through it. It’s never the contrary: my surroundings are very interesting or awesome. Probably because half the maps in the game take on the same simplified variations of the “pre-Lambda-Complex” palette: rugged industrial corridors that are dulled, grayish compositions of unaesthetic metal and concrete. It brings on the same feeling you get when you’ve gone through the “On a Rail” chapter from Half-Life a few dozen times. This is probably why my eyes light up when I see something bright and unique, like Shockraid Jungle.

Gameplay Rating: 3.5/5

Shockraid Jungle is a fairly ...

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