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Moving to Bigger Reviews

Any future map reviews for Sven Co-op or Half-Life maps will be posted on as everyone is grouping up to support this new site. However map highlights will still be posted here and will be more common anyway. Also this site will be expanded to cover Half-Life modding as well.

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Is Sven Co-op Dying…Again?

The short answer is no. The long answer is that some of its core communities seem to be losing interest in the game or fading out altogether. Based on, the past two months have seen a negative trend in net population growth that have been eroding away at the boost made possible by the game update. Combine this with the hard drops in popularity of some of the formerly most popular servers and largest communities. The most notable downtrend was Twilight Zone that began happening back in late December, followed by [TW] F.Z. falling by 20 ranks over the last two months. SC Brazil is totally gone and SC Argentina and [ES] are starting to slip...

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SC Servers See Ranking Boost After Purges Cheaters

Sven Co-op servers might benefit from the publicity of top-rank exposure on after a few of the top-ranked servers were de-ranked due to their use of bots and fake clients which were reported as normal players. It’s a technical way of saying they were cheating in order to get into the competitive level of server rankings. In addition, the ones that were not flagged have apparently removed their bots, so perhaps this will give Sven Co-op servers a leg up by being on the top page, even if it has only affected the top 4 servers, which were boosted up to 5, 9, 14 and 22, as can be seen on the server page.

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