Map Highlight: Oberon by BurnOut64

There are certain hidden gems among the classic Sven Co-op map arsenal that pop out every so often. Oberon stands out among old school Sven Co-op maps through its detailed design and setting. It really packs the punch visually, comparatively speaking. It also has the classic combat feel when you play through it; lots of monsters in one spot that you and your friends have to sludge through. That can actually get annoying and it should have gotten old by now, though since it was released in 2004 I give it a pass on that. It is a hardcore gameplay map; a level for which you need friends to complete.


Near the starting point

It also has a hardcore approach to working out the puzzles and gaps between combat. It doesn’t hold your hand and show you how to work out getting through to the next area, it simply lets you figure it out yourself –and if you’re a newbie you might give up, so it acts as a good noob-filter, too. But if you’re not one for that kind of gameplay, I’ll give you a hint: there’s bombs in the boxes near the first note you encounter. There’s also a bridge crack. Make the connection.

Your league of enemies

What’s annoying is there’s no shotgun at the starting point and going into close quarters with an MP5 is annoying when theres dozens of enemies waiting. There’s also a rotating door that was a bad idea since the grunts tend to blockade it from the other side accidentally.

Lovely scenery by HL1 standards

Download Oberon here.

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