Top 10 Most Popular Servers in Sven Co-op 2017 (2nd Edition)

This is an update from an earlier post, but I wanted to set it properly to the end of the year. There has been a big upset in the rankings, as you might see.

1. [ES] Half-Life Campaigns

The [ES] Half-Life Campaigns server continues to dominate the top spot and is #3 in Half-Life server rankings. It has a very consistent population average of 12. There are players in it at every time of day. Basically this is the only server where you’ll see upwards of 20 players at 3 AM in the morning.

2. [PE] LeTongue

The huge upset comes from a new server on the block, straight from Peru. LeTongue seriously outperformed the old 2nd-place star, Twilight Zone. This server is basically classic Sven Co-op with some novelty plug-ins.

3. twlz | Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone used to be one of the “two titans” of servers a while back but it has recently plummeted in popularity. It’s still one of the most popular servers in the game, though. It features custom maps of various sorts, mostly on the amateurish and hardcore end –the kind of map cycle that is good for a server with lots of players and even more monsters.

4. Half-Life Anti-Rush by ModRiot

The Half-Life Anti-Rush server has been pretty consistent overall, but in due time we might see it take Twilight Zone at 3rd place. This server hosts the Half-Life campaigns, except with plug-ins to control the finish time and prevent speedrunning.

5. Misfire’s very XP

This is the most popular SCXPM server in the game. It uses old school plug-ins from pre 5.0 era Sven Co-op.

6. Sven Co-op Argentina

SC Argentina was the South American competitor to LeTongue before LeTongue skyrocketed to 2nd place, except that this server uses SCXPM and doesn’t host campaign maps. Also it has a combination of custom maps and vanilla maps.

7. Misfire’s very XP #2

Strangely enough two SCXPM servers from the same community are competitive with each other. There isn’t much different between #1 and #2, just their population numbers.

8. [TW] F.Z.伺服器-合作

Another upset comes in on the lower ranks of the top 10 listing from Taiwan. The server mostly hosts “fun maps” AKA novelty maps, so it’s different in that the rest of the top 10 servers host combat-play maps, as opposed to novelty maps.

9. [HLDM-BR] Sven Co-op Brasil

This server held steady for a while at the lower ends of the top 10 listing. It’s the most popular deathmatch server in the game.

10. [ES] Vanilla Sven Co-op

The Vanilla Sven Co-op server has been pretty volatile lately, going between 12th and 6th place and back over a period of 2 weeks. It hosts a medium-sized set of vanilla Sven Co-op maps.

So it looks like the new “two titans” of Sven Co-op are [ES] Half-Life Campaigns and [PE] LeTongue. The main issue Sven Co-op faces is the disparity between the top 8 servers and the remaining 9th to 15th place servers plus the disparity between the top 2 and the 3rd to 8th place servers. Basically Sven Co-op players stick to a certain few servers overall so hosting a competitive server is very difficult, as is usually the case in these kinds of games.


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