Top 5 Hardest Map Series in Sven Co-op

Map series are usually fairly difficult challenges overall in Sven Co-op. However, there are a few good (or tolerable) ones that are particularly difficult. Here are the most challenging series in Sven Co-op history as far as I’m concerned. Most servers don’t dare play them because most of the players will leave after the first map, since they’re even harder for casual Sven Co-op players and newbies. I can actually vouch this for the top three. I’ve seen quite a few servers go from a dozen or so players to two or three because most players leave in the first map. Difficulty in this case is measured by the overall combat intensity and the difficulty of travel throughout the series.

5. Case Closed by EraSerX

The original conversion for Sven Co-op of this map series is a good challenge to beat. At every turn there are squads of monsters waiting to tear you apart. That can almost be taken literally, particularly in the first couple of maps. Usually it’s a good idea to stay in packs in order to plow through the monsters, because barging into a room by yourself will usually get you a barrage of bullets. Your enemies typically appear in small squadrons which is a decent way to control the combat difficulty. For that reason it’s not like you should expect to die a hundred times. Not to mention that the levels alone are fairly homogeneous; you’ll see virtually the same hallways and rooms or exteriors, so it’s not like you’re fighting on platforms or jumping from cliff to cliff, and so forth. Overall it’s a good challenge for a handful of players.

 4. Project Guilty by MysticMDT

Project Guilty is played on a somewhat sparse set of levels wherein you’ll mostly encounter human military. The difficulty is the combination of enemies that are often effectively combined in rooms and areas to make for a particularly challenging assault. You’ll encounter HW Grunts and snipers with turrets all about. They also tend to have more health than usual, so it takes a while for your group to pave through the map. The combat sort of stays at the same level of difficulty throughout the entire series. There aren’t usually any tricky parts to it either; maybe some traps or somewhat obscure buttons here and there, but overall it’s a somewhat more ardent challenge than Case Closed.

At least you have something good to look at while dying

3. Operation Search & Destroy by Daniel Mitchell

OSD, as it’s sometimes abbreviated, essentially combines the sparseness of Project Guilty with the clusters of enemies in Case Closed, which, intuitively, might not be a good idea…and taking this as evidence, we can conclude it isn’t. Unless you have a half dozen hardy players, the series is really annoying. I would normally have placed this in the category of “poorly made” maps, except the layout of the combat is cogent enough that we can assume the mapper at least tried to make something worthwhile. In other words there’s a decent amount of variation of combat scenarios in various sorts of environments, as opposed to lazily clustering a few of the same monster in small rooms (cough cough croodcoop). The layout of the levels is also varied so you’ll be doing everything from jumping to crawling through ducts. That being said, this series is more of “quantity over quality,” as it were. Overall the challenge isn’t figuring out where to go, it’s being alive enough to do it.

The complex in OSD4

2. Tetris by A1win

Tetris is probably the most infamous map series in vanilla Sven Co-op (5.0). This is the easiest series to access and yet not many servers ever get through the whole thing. Of the five map series listed, Tetris is probably the most cleverly designed in terms of combat gameplay. In addition this is probably the most well designed, which might explain why it’s found in vanilla. There is a lot of strategic teamwork required to play this thing through with at least some ease. Newbies have a particularly difficult time figuring out the mechanics like pressing the buttons at the same time or using grappling on the green blocks. The final map is surely the hardest because it combines all the challenges together: a few enemies with lots of health, sentry “dots” that pick you off as you try not to fall off the blocks whilst attempting to get to the next power generator, and so on. The creative and vicious boss fights put the icing on the cake for the hardest series in vanilla Sven Co-op.

The pathway to the final boss

1. Leprechaun by Penguin

Leprechaun should be legendary by now. Back in Sven Co-op 3.0, hardy players would strain through the daunting caverns and solve the mysterious puzzles in seemingly endless forests and fortresses. Nowadays it seems to be all but taboo to mention playing it let alone voting to change the server to the notorious leprechaun1, after which you might be singled out, depending on what server you’re playing on. The map series has a style of combat that frequents the use of a small group of monsters with high HP, placed in particularly challenging setups. Every veteran Sven Co-op player remembers having to fend off Alien Controllers while having to use the long jump module to get over the cliffs in leprechaun1.  Lots of team work and coordination is required to beat the first map, let alone the entire series. As it stands, Leprechaun is by far the hardest series in Sven Co-op. Its boss fights are like angry versions of Tetris, and the mapper ruthlessly engorges the most challenging parts of the map with the worst (or best) fitting monsters to make it all the more challenging. Not to mention the convoluted –but tolerable– puzzles and traps that have to be solved in order to get by. Basically, if you beat this series through, you ought to call yourself a veteran Sven Co-op player.

The sanctuary in the first map: a godsend after all those caves


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