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Map Review: Shockraid Jungle by GreenTea

Typically Sven Co-op players aren’t used to any attempt to bring some immersion into a level and the routine is to go through the level like a mouse looking for the cheese in a maze; there’s a hallway so I’m going to go through it. It’s never the contrary: my surroundings are very interesting or awesome. Probably because half the maps in the game take on the same simplified variations of the “pre-Lambda-Complex” palette: rugged industrial corridors that are dulled, grayish compositions of unaesthetic metal and concrete. It brings on the same feeling you get when you’ve gone through the “On a Rail” chapter from Half-Life a few dozen times. This is probably why my eyes light up when I see something bright and unique, like Shockraid Jungle.

Gameplay Rating: 3.5/5

Shockraid Jungle is a fairly ...

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Trail Plugin That At Least Sort of Works

It’s probably a good idea to switch over any AMX X plugins that (used to) work over to their Angelscript equivalents if they exist. Like any of the trail plugins that used to work before Sven Co-op 4. So a basic trail plugin has been posted but I’ve been testing it and it sure works on a listen server when you’re the host. I’ve had issues when I actually test it on a dedicated server with other plugins that really shouldn’t conflict with it (like AMX X plugins that don’t change entities at all). But as far as I know this is the best we’ve got. At least the plugin comes with customization for new, user-defined colors.

Blue trail

Click here to check it out.

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Top 5 Hardest Map Series in Sven Co-op

Map series are usually fairly difficult challenges overall in Sven Co-op. However, there are a few good (or tolerable) ones that are particularly difficult. Here are the most challenging series in Sven Co-op history as far as I’m concerned. Most servers don’t dare play them because most of the players will leave after the first map, since they’re even harder for casual Sven Co-op players and newbies. I can actually vouch this for the top three. I’ve seen quite a few servers go from a dozen or so players to two or three because most players leave in the first map. Difficulty in this case is measured by the overall combat intensity and the difficulty of travel throughout the series.

5. Case Closed by EraSerX

The original conversion for Sven Co-op of this map series is a good challenge to bea...

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