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How to Install Custom Maps, Models and Everything Else

All content for Sven Co-op is located in the Sven Co-op\svencoop directory in the common Steam directory. When you open a ZIP file or package with maps, models, sounds, et cetera, you will put them here (although you can put them in svencoop_downloads but I’ll assume you’re running a server). Here are the file types and where to put them:

.wad – Texture package: place it in the svencoop directory.

.bsp – Map file: place it in svencoop/maps

.tga – Skybox package (should be multiple): place it in svencoop/gfx

.mdl – Model: place it in svencoop/models

.wav – Sound: place it in svencoop/sound

.spr – Sprite: place it in svencoop/sprites

.as – Script: place it in svencoop/scripts, although if it’s a map-based it should be in maps in addition to whatever instructions the mapper should give you.


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How to Install Opposing Force and Blue Shift on Sven Co-op

Once you have Sven Co-op set up and ready to play you’ll want to set up the Half-Life games you like along with it. First you’ll want to make sure you have those games installed. So install Opposing Force and Blue Shift, run them once and make sure the files are in the SteamApps\common directory because copies will have to be done.

First go to your SteamApps\common\Sven Co-op\svencoop directory. There are two .bat files (assuming you have Windows) to be run. For Opposing Force, click the Install_OpFor_Support.bat file to run it. For Blue Shift it’s Install_bshift_Support.bat. After this you should be able create a Sven Co-op server with the maps of0a0 (Opposing Force) or ba_tram1 (Blue Shift).

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