How to Install SCXPM (Sven Co-op Experience Mod)

This guide requires AMX X Studio, learn how to install it by clicking here. Also you’ll need to know how to install AMX Mod X plugins.

The latest original version of SCXPM (17.0) is outdated from way  back when. To download the correct versions, you have a few choices. Most versions today are modified version of 17.3x. Here are your main choices:

  • scxpm_wrd – SCXPM with some touch ups, mostly used in late version of Sven Co-op 4.x but there are still some Sven Co-op 5 servers with this
  • scxpm_modriot – Generously modified verison of SCXPM and stable with Sven Co-op 5

There are a few other versions on various sites that are 17.31 or higher. Either way you should expect to find an uncompiled .sma Pawn script. I’ll show you how to install the latter because it’s somewhat more involved. They’re both basically the same thing.

  1. Unzip and extract the Sven Co-op folder in the repository ZIP
  2. Copy the amxmodx folder contents to your AMX X Studio scripting root, usually where you installed AMX X Studio, like C:\…\AMX Mod X\files\base
  3. In AMX Mod X studio open the scxpm_modriot-full.sma
  4. At the top tab, click Compile (or press F9)
  5. You should find the scxpm_modriot-full.amxx in your output directory (defined in Tools > Settings)
  6. Install this like you would any AMX Mod X plugin
  7. Although not required, I highly recommend looking at the amxmodx/configs contents from the download and adding the scxpm commands to your configuration
  8. Configure the rest of SCXPM via configuration files

Sometimes you might get errors for compiling like

Error: Cannot read from file: “C:\Program Files (x86)\AMX Mod X\file.sma” on line 0

Usually to solve this just close the program and run it as administrator (on Windows)

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